08 July 2006

Patience, the cornerstone of a good innings

Content to build my Gwent year-list in ones and twos, I again nudged a quick single this morning (in the form of a Hobby at Uskmouth) before battening down the hatches and playing a perfectly straight bat to this afternoon's googly (a reported Long-billed Dowitcher at Goldcliff). It was good to see the slow build-up of passage waders continues at Goldcliff though, including a single, rather showy snipe, feeding with the Redshank on the first lagoon (see pic below).

Addendum: was I being too subtle? Yes, I do think there may have been a slight identification faux pas relating to the Long-billed Snipewitcher, probably involving a brief view and poor light conditions. It happens to us all at some point... my personal best is flying fish for Little Shearwater (not in Gwent)! I have also been present when Royal Navy helicopter has been called as Chiffchaff (again not in Gwent)!

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