06 July 2010

Adrift again

An early July Biscay sortie, risky on the bird front but cetaceans included: 6+ Cuvier's Beaked Whale; a transient pod of Killers, I managed to see five of eight but missed the closest animal; big numbers of Bottle-nosed Dolphin; a dead Humpback at the western end of the channel; just two Fin Whale; a probable Minke Whale; a few pods of Pilot Whales; a few Harbour Porpoise; and a surprisingly small number of Common and Striped Dolphin. Birds were limited, just a few Manxies, Stormies and Bonxies really.

A dead Humpback at the western end of the channel, seemingly tangled in netting.

Another, slightly smaller, victim of the trawlermen's 'art'

Blah, blah, blah,...

A puffy little blow.

Heath or Provencal? [NB. I reckon male Provencal but feel free to disagree]

One of about a dozen beaked whales, at least half were positively identified as Cuvier's.

Penguin in Portsmouth, possibly ship-assisted.

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