28 October 2011

What a silly bunt

Popped down to Peterstone/Sluice Farm in search of the Lapland Bunting this afternoon. Slogged from the church to beyond the blockhouse and back. There were pipits, there were larks, there were even buntings, but not the right bunting. Short-eared Owl and Black Redstart, both near the blockhouse, were probably the highlights. Discovering that, given enough time, my wellie/waterproof sock combination still results in a wet left foot was probably the lowlight.

I assume these nets are part of a healthy, well managed and efficiently regulated fishery along this part of the estuary.


Clive Ellis said...

The nets on Glam side are checked daily by Spud who is 83 and been doing this all his working life.He reckons the decline in fish is massive.The local Herons are some of his closest friends and wait for him.

Darryl said...

I assume these nets are mainly set for Salmon/Sea Trout?

Clive Ellis said...

Sole,Cod,Bass and Mullet are his target fish although surprisingly Mackerel are netted in the Summer.Salmon/Sea Trout are an added bonus