18 December 2011

Does anything rhyme with massacre?

Urgh! Ynys-y-fro twice in three days,... not healthy,... not healthy at all.

Mind you, I did actually record a Goosander on this, the second, Gwent [Gwentian? Gwentish?] Goosander Survey visit. It didn't actually sully its plumage with Ynys-y-fro water though, just a flyover, heading SE.

'Highlights' [hold on], 'highlights' [those inverted commas big enough for ya?] included: 1 Teal, 1 Gadwall, 3 Shoveler, 3 flyover Lapwing and a Snipe which flushed from the field into which the Woodcock disappeared last time - cryptic-coloured-long-schnozz central. The Little Grebe numbers are still in double figures but the lone 1st-winter Moorhen is yet to attract any friends, despite the low water levels and exposed mud on the top basin.

[Brassica? A half-rhyme at least.]


Golden Flower said...

The below posts have nice pictures. The literature could be made more simple for the sake of global audience.

Darryl said...

Yes. It. Could.