14 January 2012

Technology exceeding humanity

Spent most of the day trying to fix my Coolpix, the internal clock appears to have reset itself to 1843. Bloody nuisance.

Bleeding 'pencil of nature', Calotype schmalotype is what I say.

Of course, the silver lining is that, were I to nip to Iceland and point it at Eldey, I might yet get a photo of a Great Auk.


Chris Townend (Jaffa) said...

För a Lovely coolpix för sale. Just right för you!

Darryl said...

Oh yeah!

PS. You rocking the ümlaut look this season?

Chris Townend (Jaffa) said...

Just realised I had my Svenska keyboard on my HTC by mistake!

Darryl said...

Aaah, the trials and tribulations of a multilingual, globe-trotting ornithologist.

PS. Is that a new haircut? In your little picture, you look like a white Mr. T eating a cake :))