28 March 2013

Morocco part three: coast

A couple of days on the coast near Agadir completed the sit-back-and-lap-it-up tour, after dropping people in Marrakech we headed back coastwards in search of a few more specials. Highlights included: an unflushed Marsh Owl, Northern Bald Ibis, Brown-throated Martin, more Moussier's Redstarts, Black-crowned Tchagra, White-headed Duck, Red-knobbed Coot, Purple Gallinule, Audouin's and Slender-billed Gull and one or two others.

 Black-crowned Tchagra, not exactly skulky, just bastards to get a clear shot of close-up.

A very rare bird in the rain. Our birding along the coast, both at the end of the tour and during a sneaky little extra few days, was interspersed with the wet stuff, some of it bloody heavy and persistant.

A fresh juvenile Brown-throated Martin a species which breeds during our winter. Strange things start to happen when you head far enough south.


 Bedraggled Brown-throated Martin.

The local subpersonata White Wagtail. Give 'em time, they'll split it. Or is Collar's piece in this month's British Birds the first rumblings of a rebellion of lumpers? 

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