29 January 2015

I saw the light

Another week north of the border, mostly spent up to my eyeballs in, increasingly excitable, Crossbills.  Singing their little twisty-schnozzled faces off they were.

Woke up in a snow globe this morning, the sun beat off the last of the snow flurries,... and the visibility was incredible.  It was that clear I could see the future.  I saw unspeakable vulgarity, institutionalised mediocrity, infinite tragedy, little souls rising up and joining a doomed army to fight the good fight and wage the unwinnable war.  I also saw a Crossbill with a half decent wingbar and well-marked tertials, inner secondaries and median coverts to boot.

A 'barred Crossbill', not that you can make it out but the median coverts were pale tipped/edged too. Also note the gross under-exposure, chromatic aberration and almost complete lack of anything in focus. Yay for digiscoping.

PS. Yay for the Divine Comedy too.

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