30 October 2006

Christ on a bike

Today it happened as follows: Yellowthroat in the bean fields, Chimney Swift over the bean fields, American Barn Swallow over the bean fields, Indigo Bunting in the bean fields, Chimney Swift over the village whilst having a quick coffee, probable (requiring a quick lit. check to confirm) Trinidade Petrel off the west end of the airport (two very close views of a dark-morph for me and Pete, four other observers had one view and three missed out), Semi-P Plover on the airfield and Pied-billed Grebe on the road in the village. "Anything anywhere" is rapidly becoming the saying out here. I also missed a few of the long-stayers and a flyover possible Least Bittern.

It is all too much...

TRINIDADE PETREL, for f**ks sake!

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