02 November 2006

Oh well, back to the shit

Due to predicted northerlies (and the possibility of flights being cancelled) we cut the end of our stay on Corvo short. Peter and I had a flyover Bobolink on Monday but, beyond that, the end of our trip was all a bit of a rush to get off. Terceira produced 3 Ring-necked Duck, 1 Night Heron, 3 White-rumps and 1 Lesser Legs but it was, to say the least, a bit 'after the Lord Mayor's show'. Back in shitsville now planning the next trip away.


Anonymous said...

well...well...the things one finds online...Just wanted to say that we hope you enjoyed your stay here in Corvo...and ummm..the plane did come by on Friday after all...wind and rain but it made it out.But with the weather here being so unpredictable one never knows...best regards from Corvo Island somewhere floaing in the Atlantic...hhheheh

Darryl said...

Hello and Aaaaargh! Shows what we know about Atlantic weather charts. Our (slightly truncated) stay was flippin' excellent though, and I'm looking forward to returning. Say "Hi" to your dad from 'The Kid' :-))