13 November 2006

She's back

Got a tip-off of an interesting Aythya at Ynysfro yesterday, as a result my lunch-break consisted of eating crisps on the dam. The bird in question was still present and, after a 10 minute snooze, awoke to allow a few snaps to be grabbed. Having perused the pics it would appear to be the same individual that was at Uskmouth, Goldcliff and Slimbridge(?) last winter/spring (see entries for 5th March and 6th May). Structure and bare parts point to Pochard whilst overall darkness and tone to the plumage, particularly now it is definitely not a 1st-winter, suggest Tufted Duck (or maybe Fudge Duck?). I'm still opting for 'mostly Pochard', once again, Gwent produces another avian gem.

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