19 October 2007

A funny old day

Spent all morning thrashing Ribeiro do Cantinho for nothing more than a Woodcock. Lunch produced three Sperm Whales from the picnic site (including a little baby,... aaaaah) but the birds were still decidedly thin on the ground. However, things started to pick up when a look through the 'bean fields' resulted in the following conversation:

Peter: I say, what have I got here?
Me: That, Mr. Alfrey, is a Tree Swallow.
Peter: Gosh, so it is.
Me: Gosh indeed.

And that is exactly what happened. Having soaked up the Tree Swallow for an hour we then sauntered off towards Villa do Corvo,... where we refound the Tree Swallow, which was unlucky for two members of the circus, as they had just shot off to the 'bean fields'. Another half an hour or so was spent oohing and aahing over the swallow before we went looking for more. It was at this point I found a Yellow-billed Cuckoo (see pic below), unfortunately it was a little off colour, probably due to its long transatlantic voyage or, just possibly, the local moggy (can't tell which). Luckily, Peter then found two more Yellow-billed Cuckoos in the surrounding fields, both of which were much healthier, and one of which was feeding on Convolvulous Hawk-moth caterpillars. So that'll be three Yellow-billed Cuckoos within about 250m of each other, I do so like Corvo.

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