16 October 2007

Three flights later...

Three flights down and we have nearly reached our destination, however, a little pre-trip planning means we have a full afternoon at Europe's premier location for Nearctic waders - Cabo da Praia. Basically you can't fail and I don't believe we did. In order of abundance, we managed to round up 15 White-rumps, 12 Semi-p Sands, 4 Semi-p Plovers, 2 Least Sands, 2 Pecs, 1 Long-billed Dow, 1 AGP and 1 Laughing Gull. There is nothing else even approaching this place in the WP. Just as we were winding down for the day all the above were eclipsed as we pulled out,... wait for it,... Razorbill at Porto Oceanio, third for the Azores and the first for 20 years. Two of the birds peering out at the three muppets peering in are pictured below.

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