18 December 2008

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There was a county rare in Gwent today, however, a quick check of the GOS website will leave you in no doubt as to what the real hot topic is - website design. Yes, apparently there are far too many locations in the menu on the sightings submission form,... I know, I could barely contain my apathy either.

By the way, the county rare was Snow Bunting; about 40 records in Gwent since the earth cooled and this present individual is spending half its time in Glamorgan,... and you wonder why I'm off to the Highlands for Christmas. Which reminds me, if any kind-hearted reader has recent gen on where I might be able to point a parabola at crossbill species/types/taxa within striking distance of Glenlivet, I would be most grateful if you could drop me an email or leave a comment below.

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