18 March 2018

Mini Beast

The Beast from the East's little brother came to play,...

A couple of hours at Goldcliff over high tide produced a half-decent overhead movement, the notable features of which were: three flocks of Golden Plover (26 circling then heading low W and, later, groups of 10 and 15 heading low E [maybe the original flock reorienting?]); 1,230 Redwing (most heading high W); 40 Fieldfare (most heading between ENE and E, low into the wind); and at least 210 Mipits (some coming 'in-off', most heading between NE and E, low into the wind, quite a few at head height). On the deck a Merlin, two Barwit and the two, long-staying, Spotted Redshank were about the best of it. 

A drive-by of Boat Lane/Redhouse Barn resulted in another flock of 45 Golden Plover heading low E, a Chiffchaff, another 40 Redwing heading W and a few more Mipit.

Then on to the mighty Ynysyfro which produced,... absolutely bugger all, even the last few Pochard had done one. Yay for Ynysyfro!

Then a cup of tea, lunch and back out,...

The approach road to Goldcliff Point provided the unorthodox spectacle of a Wheatear foraging in the snow with a supporting cast of 100+ Redwing, 15 Fieldfare and a few Lapwing, Mipits and Reed Buntings. Not much at the point itself, 32 Common Gull, a few more grounded Mipits and an out of place Skylark foraging on the mud.

Finally, stopped the car near Whitson and 18 Snipe jumped up from a puddle in a roadside field.

And then it was time to go home for tea, bath and bed.

Goodnight Igglepiggle, goodnight Upsy Daisy, goodnight Makka Pakka, goodnight Tombliboos, goodnight Pontipines, goodnight Wottingers, goodnight Haahoos, goodnight Ninky Nonk, goodnight Pinky Ponk, goodnight ya bastards one and all.

Yeah, you're probably going to want to put something extra on over that jumper.

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