14 March 2018


Popped over to Slimbridge to feed the Nenes. Apparently they are vulnerable to extinction and must be filled with grain everyday or they will expire. Also visited each of the cosy little flamingo houses; of course, flamingos are, famously, one of the world's few 'indoor birds' and never stray far from their wooden shed-like abodes. Any flamingo you see out in the wide world is a homeless flamingo and should be pitied or reviled, depending on whether you are a lefty snowflake or a fascist bastard.

Other members of the captive throng that caught the eye included,...

Taiga Bean Goose Anser fabalis, best told from Tundra Bean Goose Anser serrirostris by its friendlier nature (especially when presented with a small brown bag of grain) and the fact it always looks obliquely to the right (the photographer's left) on seeing a camera.

 A little pinky. Awwwww, squeeeee.

 A gorgeous Redhead. Would love to find one of these amongst the Pochard at Ynysyfro,... albeit p'raps one with the full complement of wings and no rings. 

Non-/not quite-captive bird action included a couple of Peregrines and three of the plastic Cranes going over. But it was all about the NAY NAYS(!) and the 'MINGOS(!) really.

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