22 January 2006

... And There's The Century!

Two dips, one horrible, one quite enjoyable, couldn't dampen down the fact that I pushed through the mighty 100 today.

The day started slowly and in a near wrist-slashing vein of form. Wherever I went I was shadowed by semi-orchestrated hordes of octogenarian Gortex fetishists. If I couldn't see the aged snake of red, purple and yellow, I could hear the accompanying chorus of wheeze and cough and, hours after an encounter, a faint aroma of Murray Mint and denture fixative seemed to persist, Will O' The Wisp-like, below the canopy of Wentwood.

Anyhoo, having seen the square root of bugger all at Wentwood, I tried to connect with the Corn Bunting at Dingestow. Again I failed to achieve the primary goal, but a supporting cast of farmland passerines more than made the trip worthwhile. I can't remember the last time I saw three figure flocks of Skylark and Linnet in Gwent (if ever) and Tree Sparrow, Brambling and Yellowhammer were all bagged for the year.

The total is now 102, come on!


Anonymous said...

One day you will be an octogenerian twitcher sucking murraymints.

Darryl said...

Nah, Werther's Originals everytime