15 January 2006

Unexpected Riches

A morning's ringing at Llanwern didn't seem to present the ideal opportunity for building on the yearlist and I was resigned to a couple or three new species at best. I certainly didn't see five jumping onto the list! Yep, five, count 'em - Woodcock, Greylag Goose (category C only), Stock Dove, Cetti's Warbler (finally seen, as opposed to heard) and, pick of the bunch, Firecrest!

The Woodcock was flushed from the side of a country lane near Rhiwderin, from almost exactly the same spot as one had appeared (presumably the same bird) just before Christmas. The Greylags are resident at Llanwern, as are the Stock Dove and Cetti's Warblers but unlike the Firecrest. First seen 'bouncing out' of a mist net this little gem (a probable female) gave two or three cracking views as it fed low down in bramble along a rhine-side fenceline. It managed to evade capture but even so, as this wasn't a species I was banking on, it was a proper bonus and a flipping good looking one to boot.

The total so far has now reached 97, soon the three figures shall be mine, all mine... ha ha ha ha... oops (misplaced demonic laughter, first sign of birding induced madness).

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