07 January 2006

A Little Bit of Quality

The only really dependable site in the county for Water Pipit came up trumps. Several fed on the saltmarsh until a couple of Merlins decided they looked good for lunch. Neither of the diminutive raptors were successful but they had done enough to spook the pipit flock so I decided on a change of venue.

Newport Wetlands Reserve
Both Bittern and Short-eared Owl had been seen midweek, both well into dusk, so I hung around until dark. Two Short-eareds put in an appearance, momentarily taking umbridge at each other's presence and barking their displeasure, before going their seperate ways. Unfortunately the Bittern didn't show (streaky little b*stard).

The Gwent yearlist is now at 87, Pintail being the only other addition.

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