23 December 2008

Capers, eagles and martens, oh my!

Capercaillie, Red Squirrel, Golden Eagle and Pine Marten,... not a bad day. Did dip on Feral Goat though, every silver lining has a cloud and all that. Also had more crossbill sp. will be putting in a bit more effort on those over the next few days.


Lindsay Cargill (aka Loxiafan) said...

Did you get your Twin Science mic interference resolved ? I too have opted for a DAT recently and so far so good in most places.

Glenlivet should be good for Scotbills just now I would imagine. Hope to get over there myself over the Xmas break. The Lodgepole bits of Glenmore might also be worth a sniff too if you are struggling.

Make sure you post some sonograms so we can see what you get !


Darryl said...

I haven't had major problems with the Twin Science recently but I'm mostly using the Stereo DAT at the mo; I'll be back on the Twin Science for the Cetti's in the spring.

The crossbill chase is continuing...