21 September 2013

Cooky Puss

It is a little known, and well-guarded, fact that the most important ingredient of any homemade biscuit or cookie is noise and/or ruckus and, therefore, they must always be baked to a soundtrack of classic hip hop or punk.  Today I opted for various Beastie Boys' classics during the mixing and cooking to ensure a seamless transition into the unsurpassed biscuit cooling tunes that are I don't know and Instant Death.  Pretty sure I got it bang on,...
Lime lattice biscuits. Sweet and sour like a tangerine, fresh like a box of Krispy Kremes.

PS. The milk can be substituted for Horlicks depending on how you roll.
PPS. Thinking of starting a petition asking Mary Berry to dedicate her next book to Adam Yauch.
PPPS. Wilson's Warbler, schmilson's warbler.

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Lee Dingain said...

And of course, you need to pour the milk to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6xsKsJqVyg