03 October 2010

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

The Azores season has kicked off in earnest, yesterday, within five minutes of entering Ribeira da Ponte the colossus below found a Northern Parula. I fear this is just the initial salvo of an El Niño Modoki cum La Niña Mokiki driven yankee fest,... for those of us staying at home, that equals pain gentlemen. We are all destined to become a hand-to-shoulder chain of pale-lipped, leaden cloak laden wraiths, trudging down a dark descending road, lashed by the fearful icy storm, on a stumbling somnambulance to a place where the sun is silent.

Fear stalks my house,... and he's wearing khaki combats.

October in Gwent, black joyless sulkiness,... as so many members of the golfing fraternity are slowly realizing.

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