01 October 2010

Vireo minus tail

Yet another post aimed at a Californian audience, this time it's "Hello North Bay birders".

I noticed a few messages on the northbaybirds discussion group regarding a tailless vireo at Chimney Rocks from at least 17th-20th September. I was birding the Point Reyes lighthouse during the morning of the 17th and was tipped off about the bird (at that point being reported as Philadelphia Vireo). The following three photos were taken in the afternoon, it appears to be a (brightish?) Warbling Vireo,... it did have me going for a while though. All images can be clicked on for larger versions.

The 'tail' in this image is formed by primaries, at the time I don't think the bird had any visible rectrices.

The bird was feeding in brambles (briars?), etc., above the path leading down to the dock.

Also present were Black-and-White and Townsend's Warbler in the pines/cedars, it was, however, a lot less 'birdy' than on the 14th.

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