13 October 2010

Right bunting, wrong county

My colleague (who I shall refer to as 'RM', largely due to the fact that his parents gave him names that begin with the aforementioned letters) and I found four Lapland Buntings today (two each, which was uncharacteristically fair of the birding gods). 'My' two headed over NE at 10:00, announcing themselves with the ringing 'tyu', this and the dry rattling call (which pretty much defies transcription) were then alternated as they carried on up the seawall,... lovely. The mysterious RM's were much the more settled, found at lunchtime and still present when we left mid afternoon, they were initially seen on the upper saltmarsh near the noisy kissing gate (between the Power Station and Thornbury Yacht Club) but then went back and forth between here and the adjacent 'sprayed/brown' field just inland,... also lovely.

The only slight fly in the ointment, was the fact that I was in Gloucestershire and not Gwent, ever so slightly taking the gloss (Geddit? Ho-ho,... ho) off an otherwise pleasant birding moment or two. Mind you, had I been in Gwent, the views would have been very distant indeed.

[NB. Actually 'the mysterious RM' would be better referred to as the 'not-that-mysterious RM' but I don't want to run the risk of having all those hysterical squeaming (yes, I do mean 'squeaming') girly Punkbirder groupies reading this and then nipping over to NerdForum to gush to their fellow fans about how they once caught a glimpse of someone who looked quite like [enter Punkbirder here] in their local chippy and then emailing their favourite ornithological knickers to Norwich before fainting onto their keyboards and adding to their post count with the, original yet indecipherable, message "higezcx/'aeihguszzzcnxm,eghswghuuehgstijhsbnjgjhnshjtshbsjhjjhbjtbgbhnshjs;hjij". I mean, nobody wants that to happen do they? And it will,... it will.]

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