24 November 2011

A day during which the sun and Barney take the piss

Another day goosing around down Boat Lane. All of the birds were slightly more amenable than they have been, in fact the Greenland Whitefront was within 'almost close' range at times. Mind you, just as the entire flock started to draw near, the sun disappeared, which means I still haven't bagged really good photos of the hutchinsii/taverneri-but-most-probably-hutchinsii-given-the-ranges-etc Cackling Goose but did manage some passable video before they were all flushed onto the pill by something scary, unknown and unseen.

On top of the crap light and borderline working distance, getting pictures of the wee fella was not helped by Barney working on his photo-bombing technique.

[NB. Still no sound recordings, couldn't help but bag the new Cetti's singing down there though.]

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