06 April 2012

And so it began,...

Did the first morning of this year's 'Oooh-let's-go-and-work-out-how-many-Cetti's-Warblers-are-out-there' survey today. Rocked up at dawn plus a bit and, at first looks, it seems the Cetti's have recovered a little from last year's nadir but there are still a few great yawning gaps in the territories.

In other birding news,... the returning Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps have now reached saturation point (with Pochard and Bearded Tit not far behind), but other slightly-more-notables included: one Sedge Warbler, two Sand Martins, two aythya hybrids, 85 Knot and three Willow Warbler.

And then the joggers, dog-walkers, cyclists, playground aficionados, speed-walkers, cafe/shop devotees, ignorers of 'no access' signs and partakers of bizarrely loud conversations arrived,... so I left.

PS. The female leucistic Wigeon is still present at Boat Lane.

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