13 April 2012

Boing boing

The other side of the Severn produced today,... and, naturally, stayed sunny throughout. A fun few minutes was provided by an Osprey flopping up-river at 09:20, handily escorted by a vociferous Lesser Black-backed Gull. However, more persistent entertainment was supplied by a continual trickle of migrants including: five Yellow Wagtail, a handful of 'alba' wagtails, one redpoll and a reasonably large, though unknown (because I stopped counting), number of Sand Martin and Swallow.

You can stop wondering, spring has sprung, of course it might recoil again in the face of a northerly blast but it has sprung, I know,... because I was there.

PS. Willow Warbler, Blackcap and Chiffchaff are so 'in' their songs are now being filtered out to clear an aural pathway along which more interesting songs can saunter. Today, none did.

PPS. A few hundred yards further up the sea wall Little Ringed Plover, House Martin and Tree Pipit cavorted in front of my colleague, he missed the Osprey though, so we'll call it quits.

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