15 April 2012

A good start,... and another,...

A circuit of Saltmarsh Lane, Farmfield Lane and the eastern end of Uskmouth was a bit of a Redstart-fest this morning; two stonking males and a couple of less stonking females were dotted around the easternmost Uskmouth lagoons. Also a Tree Pipit in the hedgerow along Saltmarsh Lane, four Whimbrel and 10 alba wags on the foreshore, and a few Swallow, Sand Martin, Sedge and Reed Warblers popping up here and there.

Non-birds included: a Fox plus gawd knows how many dayglo bedecked cyclists, aimlessly ambling lost ramblers, squealing kids, dogs minus leads, fisher-folk on the foreshore, etc., etc.

When are the RaSPBerries going to realise that if you attract tens of thousands of people to a nature reserve you have a responsibility to help manage the flipping predictable result?

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