11 October 2012

Magnolia falls

Unfortunately, our morning's birding produced nothing more than 2-3 Indigo Buntings and a Red-eyed Vireo. Fortunately, Gordon's morning turned up a Magnolia Warbler and we all piled into Da Ponte to bask in its lovely jubbliness. Unfortunately, its jubbliness did not extend to it being easy to photograph, hence the complete lack of associated imagery. Fortunately, my miserable failure is, potentially, your gain as it gives you a great excuse to check out Vincent's site here. Vincent, for those who don't know, is our photographic automaton, a pinnacle of modern design, a seamless fusion of man and camera. We simply point him at a bird then stand back and admire the single-minded, faultless efficiency,... and all fueled on coke, chicken and chips.

Popped up the reservoir this afternoon where everything was much the more amenable regarding photography as you can see,...

Halfway through papping this Solitary Sandpiper I leant back on the cattle fencing and received a rather unnecessary administration of a silly number of volts. Squealed. Like. A. Girl.

White-rumped Sandpiper, still outnumbering everything else but, on this occasion, also accompanied by the Solitary Sandpiper, a Pectoral Sandpiper and a Semi-palmated Plover.

An additional buy two get one free example of Corvo magic just for you,...

A bush and a bird.

Three minutes thirty-one seconds later, same bush, different bird. Groovy huh?

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Pod said...

Coke!! so that's the Belgians secret birding fuel?