16 October 2012

Not waving but not quite drowning

A planned quiet morning in the village has produced Great Shearwater and a near death experience with an Atlantic roller whilst recovering a recently deceased Cory's Shearwater,... so not that quiet really.  Currently in my second set of clothes for the day,... slightly moist in the pant region.

Common Blackbird, Turdus merula azorensis, Melro-preto.

Feral Rock Dove, Columba livia volorattus, Pombo-das-rochas.

Cute ickle kid, Capra aegagrus cuteasabuttonicus, Cabrito.

This afternoon a dose of new birds arrived and brought the weather with them.

1st-winter female Northern Parula in the murk. 

59th-winter male birder in the murk.

Now in my third set of clothes,... still slightly moist in the pant region. 

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