15 October 2012

Mammal gets Bird of the Day

Heard the Dickcissel this morning whilst sorting through the hoards of Canary and House Sparrow in the village fields; then had a flyover Buff-bellied Pipit and a Bryde's/Sei Whale. Unfortunately, the rest of the day went to hell in a hand-cart due to a report of a 'warbler sp.' in Da Ponte. Four hours in a valley and a long walk home.

Bryde's/Sei Whale passing east just of the south coast of Corvo.

[Addendum: a comment regarding the above from Justin Hart via Peter "A few [Sei Whales] have passed by Pico in the last couple of weeks (and a Humpback yesterday too). Could be a Bryde's but it's getting late in the year for these warm water species and they're much more rare. My money is on Sei whale on return migration to warmer waters. we see alot more baleens in spring but I guess more people are looking then."]

The Buff-bellied Pipit which flew over Pete and I on its way to Flores.

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